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Blue Jays Song (Lists)

List some of things in this song that relate to playing baseball. Add your own ideas to the list, too.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough (Procedure)

Using time words (first, next, then) explain how to beat the Level 2 Boss.

Sky Diving Out My Front Door 'Behind the Scenes' (Explanation)

Explain how or ne special effect was created in the video

Sky Diving Out My Front Door (Retell)

Describe what happens at the beginningmiddle and end of this story.

Real Life Mario Kart (Reflection)

Reflect on this video and complete this sentence: I wonder...


Mario & Bowser Music (Comparison) (Explanation)

Listen to the music and compare. One is for Mario and Luigi and one is for Bowser. How are they the SAME and how are they DIFFERENT? Think about how the music relates to the characters. 

PEZ 'Western Spaghetti' (Lists)

This video was made using everyday, household items. List 7 items you see in this video and tell what it was made with.